Chase Donnelly Photoshoot

After RRT finished installing the stage 2.5 supercharger kit on Chase’s 328Ci, the car was shot by TMG Affiliate Member Kevin Choi (owner of KC Image).  While informal, the shoot produced some rather nice shots.

Major Motor Modifications :

  • Active Autowerke Stage 2.5 Supercharger kit ~10.5psi
  • Active Autowerke Intercooler
  • Active Autowerke Oil Cooler
  • BimmerBrakes Racing Headers (Originally for 330Ci Race Applications : Cut/Modified by RRT to fit 328Ci Exhaust Flange)
  • AEM Methanol Injection Kit
  • ProSport Gauges (Boost & AFR)
  • Xionsville Racing Radiator & Expansion Tank
  • JB Racing Clutch & Flywheel Stage 3
  • ATI Mickey Mouse Gauge Pod
  • RRT Custom Racing Exhaust
  • RRT Custom Intercooler Piping For High Flow Applications
  • Raven Racing Roll Cage
  • STATUS Racing Icon Seats & Harnesses

For the full mod list on this 400+ horsepower 328Ci, check out Chase’s member page :

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