Chase Donnelly Photoshoot

After RRT finished installing the stage 2.5 supercharger kit on Chase’s 328Ci, the car was shot by TMG Affiliate Member Kevin Choi (owner of KC Image). ¬†While informal, the shoot produced some rather nice shots.

Major Motor Modifications :

  • Active Autowerke Stage 2.5 Supercharger kit ~10.5psi
  • Active Autowerke Intercooler
  • Active Autowerke Oil Cooler
  • BimmerBrakes Racing Headers (Originally for 330Ci Race Applications : Cut/Modified by RRT to fit 328Ci Exhaust Flange)
  • AEM Methanol Injection Kit
  • ProSport Gauges (Boost & AFR)
  • Xionsville Racing Radiator & Expansion Tank
  • JB Racing Clutch & Flywheel Stage 3
  • ATI Mickey Mouse Gauge Pod
  • RRT Custom Racing Exhaust
  • RRT Custom Intercooler Piping For High Flow Applications
  • Raven Racing Roll Cage
  • STATUS Racing Icon Seats & Harnesses

For the full mod list on this 400+ horsepower 328Ci, check out Chase’s member page :

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