Hyperfest Coverage

Timeless Motor Group Displays at Hyperfest

Every year, the show scene on the East Coast eagerly awaits the gates opening at Summit Point Raceway for the annual Hyperfest.  Featuring racing, drifting, and a car show produced by KU CONNECTION, the event is always laden with both exciting builds and people.

As Timeless rolled in, exhaust notes roared and fans came running to see the wild builds.  In total, the Timeless display offered 10 cars and over 5,000 horsepower amongst them.



The team lined up under the brilliant sun and began cleaning the cars.  While somewhat futile with the dust coming off the track, the team worked to ensure they had a shimmering display.  Harold even got out his latex gloves so he could clean the exhaust tips on his 1 of 13 Callaway C16.



After cleaning off the cars, the team focussed their attention on the TMG Headquarters which was outfitted with a 30×10 tent, BBQ grille, hundreds of drinks, a dozen chairs, and live music.


Most of our team was in attendance including the ever fun Steven Chan


With the HQ set up, the team walked around and looked at some amazing builds and took some time to appreciate the racing and drifting events which took place on the nearby track.


We want to note the accidents which took place on the track and the individuals who were injured and lost their lives.  We send our prayers to their families and friends and, for those injured, hope they have a speedy recovery.

Speaking of injuries, despite sustaining a large break in his foot, Chase showed up in a Snowboarding-esque boot.  An additional TIMELESS sticker which was lying around found its way onto the soft cast.


We had tons of friends and collaborators around for the show.  Included in the fun was our team’s photographer Kevin Choi from KC Image


As for the cars, we had an amazing lineup with : Amper’s 350Z, Aum’s widebody SC, Matt’s Subaru STI, Harold’s Callaway, Chase’s 328Ci, and Steven’s Z4.  We also had some friendly supporting vehicles.



In addition, we were also joined by former prospect and now OFFICIAL TEAM MEMBER WENDY TSENG and her incredible red aluminum Nissan GT-R


As the trophy presentation rolled around, Timeless head to the stage in hopes of receiving recognition for their rides.


– Best Team Unity : Timeless Motor Group

– Best in Show 4th Place : Amper’s 350Z

– Valvoline & Eagle One’s Choice for Best Euro : Edison’s Vorsteiner GTRS3 M3

– Best American : Harold’s Callaway C16

– 1st Place Subaru : Matt’s STI

– 1st Place BMW Category : Chase’s 328Ci

– 2nd Place BMW Category : Edison’s Vorsteiner GTRS3 M3

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