Interested In Joining Timeless Motor Group?

Welcome to the fray!  Every day, Timeless Motor Group (TMG) receives messages about membership.  Individuals from all walks of life in the automotive world have expressed interest in learning more about the group, our show season, and what is included with membership.  At the moment, there are three different types of active TMG Members :


  1. Tour Display Members : The essence of Timeless Motor Group is personified through the Tour Display vehicles which are used to represent Timeless as a brand and our affiliated sponsors.  Carefully hand-selected amongst the hundreds of applicants, Tour Display vehicles embody classy, timeless modifications.  While fads quickly appear and vanish in the tuning world, there are some vehicles which rise above the trends and continually strive for clean lines, classy interiors, and extreme performance.  These vehicles are easily recognized via the windshield banners which are reserved exclusively for the TMG TD vehicles.
  2. Affiliate Members : While equally as important to the TMG mission as the Tour Display members, Affiliates bring passion, vision, and incredible value to the TMG family through their personal skills.  Some Affiliates earned this title by serving as long standing members of the TMG family and currently act as consultants on the continued modifications and craftsmanship of the Tour Display vehicles.  Other Affiliates bring years of professional photography skills or website management.  These individuals add to the TMG family and the brand through their interpersonal skills and achievements.
  3. Social Members : While flashy Tour Display vehicles are fun to look at and the valuable contributions of Affiliate members continually develop the TMG brand, our Social Members are what truly make Timeless a society and a lifestyle.  The passion for cleanly modified vehicles doesn’t result from ownership but rather through an artistic eye.  Looking to represent the brand?  Looking to encourage Timeless modifications?  Interested in spending time in the Timeless booth and enjoying a drink over car-conversation, this is for you.  Timeless Social Members have access to all TMG social events, merchandise, stickers for their vehicles, and are encouraged to spread the word and spread the love for classic, classy design on modern marvels of machinery.


To obtain membership to TMG, first decide which level of membership you’re interested in pursuing:

If Social status, please ask us at events (view the 2016 show schedule) or via our Facebook page to provide you with a sticker for your car, lanyard, or other freebies.  We’re happy to welcome you to the family.

If you’re interested in Affiliate or Tour Display status, the road to membership requires a few additional steps : Carefully review the information below and email your correspondence to 

Affiliates : We’re constantly expanding TMG and are continually adding to the infrastructure needed to harness the creativity and excitement found in today’s car culture. Please demonstrate acquired skill set and how you envision yourself providing value to the brand.  If you’re a fantastic video editor and believe you could help in the creation of new media, display some of your past work.  If you’re a photographer, post up your favorite photograph.  Perhaps your a web guru and would like to assist on the digital creation and management side of the house… all are fantastic values and we welcome affiliates with energy, passion, and unique skills.

Tour Display : If you’re interested in touring with the TMG TD, we require three items :

  1. Personal Bio : Please provide us with background on what pushed you into modifying cars.  What are some of the experiences that you feel set you apart in the car culture.
  2. Modification List : Naturally, TMG Tour Display vehicles are unique creations and provide eye candy for spectators and vendors.  As a result, we need to see what you have done to your car and why you feel it draws a crowd.
  3. Pictures : Please provide HQ photographs.


With Affiliates and Tour Display memberships, the TMG Board of Directors provide final verdict.  In turn, the more exciting and interesting your presentation, the better.

Please note that different membership levels are not to elevate egos or create any form of exclusivity.  Rather, we’re trying to create channels in which everyone can enjoy the brand, further the community, and embrace the art that is a timeless vehicle.

We look forward to hearing from you.