Interview With Artistic Craftsman Carlos Blanco

Timeless Motor Group Presents : A Conversation With Artistic Craftsman Carlos Blanco
It was a great honor to get a few moments of expert craftsman Carlos Blanco’s time.  He was able to provide insights into his experiences, the build of Edison Hwang’s 2011 M3, and a few personal inquiries.  Below are his responses :
Q1 : How long have you been an automotive artist building cars like Edison’s GTRS-3 M3?
A1 : I have over 17 years worth of experience in the auto body industry and my specialty is in both collision and custom modifications.  I’ve dedicated the last three years to focusing on custom vehicles and specializing in high end projects.  

Q2 : In your eyes, what makes this an exciting automotive build?

A2 : In my opinion, an exciting automotive build is one that stands out from the rest and is extremely unique while still being classy and clean.  Too many individuals try and build something so different that it just ends up losing the original beauty the car may have had while still on the showroom floor.  You don’t HAVE to modify every little component to properly build up a vehicle.


Q3 : How does this compare with other builds that you’ve done?  Does this stand out or is it similar to other projects?

A3 : Edison’s build is one which will define us from the local shops.  While I’ve personally been involved in projects like this in the past, this one will certainly stand out and is rarely attempted by other body shops in this area.  I am looking to use this to showcase the skilled team we have at Los Customs.



Q4 : Do you feel more connected with this build or Harold’s widebody M5?

A4 : While Edison’s build is very exciting for our team, Harold’s car is as unique as they come while still being, in my opion, clean and classy.  His fenders started off the OEM conveyer belt only to then be completely altered and curved by hand by our team.  The bumpers are also made of entirely OEM fittings and body panels.  By combining an OEM M5 front bumper with an OEM 1M bumper, we were able to truly create a one of aero kit utilizing only the highest quality parts.  With the exception of the hood on Harold’s vehicle, every  part challenged my creativity requiring me to visualize, create, and apply truly unique parts.  I’ve always felt very connected to Harold as an individual and with his car as a common vision we both worked to create.


Q5 : How is your shop coming along?  What do you feel is the biggest hurdle towards Los Customs’ success?

A5 : Shop is coming along very well.  We got a newer, bigger facility and Los Customs’ customers need to understand that custom work takes time and patience.   And, while we do want to expand our customer base, we put quality over profit.  If individuals bring us a project that we feel isn’t up to par, we will tell them.  In fact, we’ve turned away customers who indicated they wanted to take short cuts and slap body panels on rather than properly fitting, adjusting, and prepping the panels.  There are plenty of people who just want things to get done, regardless of quality.  While I don’t have a problem with that, I won’t allow that type of project to roll in and out of my shop.  My goal is to have Los Customs become THE SHOP people attend for quality, custom fabrication.


Harold M5

Q6 : What has been your favorite automotive build to date?  Is there one you are most proud of or felt the strongest connection to?

A6 : To risk sounding like a broken record, Harold’s build was certainly the most complex and required the most artistic input.  While I have had plenty of interesting projects (such as Edison’s M3), Harold’s not only required body work but also forced me to artistically create something from scratch.


Q7 : Will you be displaying a personal vehicle of yours with Timeless Motor Group this year?  If so, tell us about your plans.

A7 : I am very excited to be showcasing a 2000 Honda Civic Hatchback.  The goal isn’t to create a crazy Civic but rather to put together a clean, classy example.  Timeless has some incredible vehicles on their roster and I’m happy to show mine along side their team.



Q8 : What else can be done to improve on the GTRS-3 after it leaves your shop?

A8 : As the GTRS-3 will look like a race car, I would hate to see it ultimately sit in a garage under lock and key.  This car deserves a supercharger, a roll cage, and some time on the track.  There are plenty of vehicles which make for great trailer queens, but this isn’t one of them.  I hope Edison enjoys this for both its looks and its performance.


Q9 : As a personal curiosity, which do you think to be the best Fast & Furious movie?

A9 : Tokyo drift for sure!  I love the RX7 featured in the film and the Evo looked incredible.  Of course, the best of the best was the Charger Toretto drove!