TMG Tour Display at the OC Car Show



Another weekend and another car show checked off the action-packed agenda for the Timeless Motor Group TOUR DISPLAY.  While the planning, weather, and lineup looked a little rocky, the event went off flawlessly.

Months ago, Liqui-Moly, one of Timeless Motor Group’s largest sponsors, asked TMG to bring their TOUR DISPLAY to the Washington, DC Global Rally Championship.  The event was set to host many of the top drifters and stunt drivers in the nation and TMG was set to be showcased along the track drawing in crowds to look over Liqui-Moly’s premium line of oils.  Unfortunately, due to internal company dialogue, Liqui-Moly had to step out of the event and TMG was left with  a free weekend.  In an attempt to make the most of the opportunity, our team contacted Brian and Dave, the masterminds from Ocean City’s annual OC CAR SHOW, and were able to arrange a large display for our team at the outdoor portion of the event.  With only days leading up to the event, everyone turned their eyes to the skies.

Franticly checking the weather, the forecast looked somewhat bleak.  70% chance of rain for Saturday and 50% for Sunday.  And yet, come Friday night, the winds took a turn for the better and it became clear that Sunday was going to be very nice.  Saturday still looked questionable.  As Chase & Edison rolled to Ocean City in their BMWs, light traffic made for a fantastic road trip.  As they pulled into Ocean City, they turned their eyes to the Convention Center and went over to check out the outdoor show space.  To make things even more interesting, Michelle and Edison’s mother also drove up in the Euros and got to explore the venue during the unloading phase.

Looking over the space, they found a great variety of options and then checked out the indoor display to check on the show’s setup.  Walking through the halls, it was apparent that the 2014 OC show was going to impress.  Vendors worked to get their displays set up as countless show cars rolled into the venue.  As a result of a last minute cancelation, several cars were unable to attend from New Jersey and, in their place, Chase and Edison’s BMWs found floor space up by the stage.  With the cars situated, the pair met up with TMG affiliate KU Connection and the one and only Khris for a fun night out on the town.  Teasers had been posted with the newest TMG Gear.


Waking up Saturday, the team assembled at the Dough Roller for our annual morning breakfast.  As Amper rolled in with his Wild-Z and Aum set up the display around his incredible SC, TMG members Bobby, Artit, Gibzy, and Moss helped to set up the tent.  Poshie and Pattie pulled out the incredible new shirts they had prepared for the The Timeless family.  After putting on the new shirts, the team met up to walk around the outdoor and indoor display and saw some fantastic vehicles!  We want to congratulate all those who were able to attend and participate in the event!



After meeting with sponsors, fans, and the crowd of thousands, TMG head towards the awards ceremony to find out the Aum’s SC, Bobby’s Mini, and Moss’ XA (Moss, Bobby, and Artit pictured below) all took awards for their classes.



Additionally, the Wild-Z and the King, Amper took Best of Show for the Outdoor Show!




We then left the show to have a very special dinner!  Not only were we celebrating the team, the awards, and our participation in the OC Car Show, but we also had TWO birthdays to celebrate.  Pattie’s birthday this past Thursday and Khris who celebrated his 33rd birthday Saturday.  Going out to OC Wasabi, the team had a fantastic meal and had plenty of sake.



After a fantastic dinner, the team called it a night and prepared for the following morning.  With another trip to the Dough Roller and plenty of coffee in the systems, the team loaded up for a fun outing to the local Karting track.

Amper was ready to show that the Wild-Z’s speed was the result of his build and his skills behind the wheel.


With our driving skills honed on the road, the karting proved extremely competitive as drivers blocked lanes and pulled off fantastic passes.  Following the karting, the team hit the rock climbing wall and watched as Amper, not wanting to lose to Aum, grabbed and pulled at his rival’s leg.  As the team cheered on, Aum was the first to reach the summit.

Heading back to the show for the indoor awards, everyone was curious to see where the Red Dragon would land.  In a sea of tough competition, with fantastic rides from ELITE, True Precision, and Grand Turismo, the pressure was on.  Speaking of which, we want to make special mention of all three of those groups.  ELITE brought some amazing machines including Lee’s 1200 horsepower Vette.  Not only did they display these incredible cars, but several of them found their way onto the dyno.  As the owners of the cars are well aware of the horsepower numbers, these rather dangerous efforts are done for the spectators and the crowd certainly thanked the owners through massive rounds of applause.  Similarly, True Precision came prepared!  Lined with fantastic vehicles owned by wonderful guys, its evident that there is some serious competition now for the Best Team awards… which would follow and ultimately go to True Precision which had both the quality and quantity!  Our hats go off to the incredible builders, designers, and artists from their team!

ELITE’s 1200 Horsepower Vette on the Dyno :

As the award ceremony kicked off, spectators gathered around as category by category, the OC staff called off names.  Taking home a Specialty Award for Best Vinyl was Chase’s 328Ci which also went on to win Top European Build.  And yet, after calling off BMW, Euro, Paint, and several other categories where Edison was a hopeful candidate… nothing.  That is, until the judges got to Best in Show…  The judges announced that they were doing a Best in Show award for JDM, American, and Euro.  Sure enough, the Red Dragon took the Top Honor for Best in Show : Euro Category.  The duo rounded up for a quick photograph



With seven awards amongst three TMG rides in the show, we couldn’t be more proud of our participation and the results.  But, above everything else, the team had a wonderful time because of the bonds that have been created amongst the group.  Incredible friends with fantastic machines.  We are so proud of the entire TMG family for all their hard work and dedication.

On the way back, Timeless members even came across the True Precisions team and certainly enjoyed some spirited driving and friendly rivalries amongst marques.



Additional photos:

The ladies of Timeless Motor Group



Prankster KC Image





Edison Fishing during a Break from the show



KU Connection in the HOUSE



Michelle “double fisting” antioxidants


Edison’s SEMA BUILT luggage



Man, Myth, LEGENDARY photographer!


Amazing sunset courtesy of Michelle’s S5!




Total Awards :

Bobby : Class Award for Mini Cooper
Moss : Class Award for Scion XA

Aum : Class Award for Lexus SC

Amper : Best in Show : JDM for Nissan 350Z

Chase : Specialty Award for Best Vinyl & Top European Build

Edison : Best in Show : Euro for BMW M3 GTRS3