Panda Junction 2014

After the extremely exciting launch of Timeless Motor Group at Carlisle Performance & Style, our group eagerly awaited the ever stellar Panda Junction meet in Aberdeen, Maryland.  Held just out front of scenic Ripkin Stadium, the event’s host, Jay Martinez, has continually raised the bar in professionalism and showmanship.  For the tuner scene, this is the place to be… seen.


In typical fashion, Jay Martinez pulled out all the stops and had a massive array of vendors, showcars, and spectators who lined up for well over an hour to get into what was an awesome display of euros, stance, JDM, American muscle, and a bunch of exotics.  Included in the displays were some of the top teams from the East Coast including ELITE and EMOTION.  Lined up alongside the vendors, these two teams and Timeless Motor Group brought a serious site for the spectators.  But prior to even arriving on the scene, Timeless was making noise.. and lots of it on the way up to the show:


For the drive up, we had 13 solid showcars


A video is even floating around of the wild fun we had driving through the Baltimore Harbor tunnels.  But shortly thereafter, we arrived at Panda to find HUNDREDS of cars already in line.

As cars piled into the venue, spectators of all ages stared at the wild machines including Jason Conklin’s son, a true auto enthusiast!


As the vehicles lined up across the parking lot, it shined like the rainbow with vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and hues.


Photographers flooded the stadium parking lot to get photographs of some of the top builds in the nation, including Drew’s amazing Evo


And the team mascot add3

Across from this amazing Evo was the official Timeless Motor Group display which consisted of eight of the top builds in the venue.  And not only did we have some serious muscle in the engine bays, but we also had SUPEREDISON on hand!


The official Timeless display included : Jai’s E46 M3, Rodney’s 535, Edison’s Vorsteiner E92 M3, Aum’s SC, Amper’s 350Z, Chase’s 328Ci, Chris’ E92 M3, along with a prospective member (more on that below)

Just some of the cars from our display:

Amper’s 350Z


Jai’s E46 M3


Aum’s widebody SC


The Bimmer Crew : Edison, Chase, Jai, Chris, Rodney, and our prospective member Dave


The day was absolutely wonderful and we can’t help but thank Jay Martinez and his rockstar team for putting on such a wonderful show.

To top it all off, we also had the pleasure of showing with TMG prospect David Cao and his incredible E92 M3



And a special shoutout to one of TMG’s all time favorite vendors : RACESENG.  These guys are doing INCREDIBLE work and producing top notch pieces for a wide variety of cars.  Definitely take a moment to check them out :


Up next for the team is the always impressive HYPERFEST show in West Virginia.  If you haven’t done so, register for this one.  You won’t want to miss out on the show, the drifting, the racing, and the generally excellent nature of this show!  Plus, it’s hosted by the superstars over at KU CONNECTION!