Timeless Gets InMotion And Attends NJ Showcase!

Since their debut, Timeless Motor Group has traveled up and down the east coast showcasing their Tour Display at some of the nation’s hottest automotive exhibits.  In a collaboration with super-promoter Jay Martinez, Timeless featured 8 of their cars alongside the Tuner Evolution display.  In addition to a fantastic turnout, the day was also filled with drama..

After meeting up at 6am, the team set off for their three hour drive to Millville, NJ.



At the halfway mark, the team stopped for coffee and brunch.


Harold left his Callaway at home in favor of his incredible M5


After the break, the team continued what was a beautiful drive… up until we pulled over for gas.  With a stuttering motor, Amper got to work decoding his check engine light.  While able to get it back up and running, the car seemed to struggle with its AFR and Amper pulled over right out front of the gates to the show.  Unable to go on, the rest of the cars continued into the show while we attempted to find a laptop for Amper to retune his car.. Yes he can do that.  This guy KNOWS cars.

With the rest of the cars shuffling into the New Jersey Motor Park, we ran into yet another glitch as the entry way had a very long backup.  In an effort to assist, and to ensure we were able to get the Tuner Evolution display situated, the staff allowed us to bypass some of the traffic, for which we were EXTREMELY grateful.  The SNTRL team did everything they could throughout the day to make the event a huge success.  And we have to compliment them on their fantastic work!

After getting in and situating the vehicles, TMG set up their display with a tent, chairs, flags, and a banner proudly displaying the TMG brand. Without Amper’s presence, the display was rather BMW-centric with Ron’s 645i, Harold’s M5, Chase’s 328Ci, Edison’s GTRS3, Shy’s M3, Aum’s SC, and Rodney’s 535i.


10441353_672701426113146_339508012860023165_nAs the display was finalized inside the show, at the entry way, Amper had gone out and purchased a laptop to retune the car and get it back on the road.  Incredible determination from the King!  However, as he began retuning the car, the battery began to die down and required a replacement.  After a quick trip to Advanced Auto, he installed the new battery and went to crank the car up.  With the tune and new battery, everything looked good.  Until he pressed the clutch and straight to the floor it went.  At that point, it was clear that the Super-Z would need some support.  And with that, a tow truck was called:


After getting the Z situated, the team awaited the award ceremony and celebrated as Aum took home best Lexus for his incredible SC and, despite not even making it in the show, Amper’s Z took second place in the Nissan category.  Considering his car’s motor, interior, ICE, and other modifications weren’t even seen, it puts in perspective how wild this vehicle really is.  Seeing his exterior from a few hundred feet away was enough to earn him the recognition.


At which point, the BMW awards came out and Edison took Best BMW with his amazing GTRS3.  Ecstatic, Edison picked up his award and returned to our group with a huge smile on his face.  As we cheered on the other winners, they announced Best in Show… TO EDISON HWANG!  His GTRS3 took home the biggest honor of the day!

10352988_673000559416566_8532444800453479322_nMany congrats to Edison, Aum, and Amper for their awards and to all those on the team who proudly displayed at NJMP.  We also want to give recognition to Tuner Evolution who put on an amazing display, Import Expo who put on a fantastic show, and to Amper who, despite his engine troubles, was able to get home safe, sound, and smiling.

As the team prepared for a ride back down to DC, Edison taped up his widebody.

14605502095_f822cbd78b_oAnd did so with the help of the always-fun Kevin Choi


After preparing for the drive back down, the team stopped for dinner and formed our own little car show as diners walked outside and flashed photos of the lineup.


All in, it was a fantastic event and we want to thank our sponsors Meguiars, Los Customs, Rotora, Brother’s Garage, Project Eternity, RRT Racing, and Designer Wraps who was actually on-site for the event (and who also happens to be a sponsor of NJMP).