Timeless Motor Group Debuts at Carlisle Performance & Style

Since December, Timeless Motor Group has been planning, preparing, and pulling out all the stops for our debut at Carlisle Performance & Style.  Since the inception of TMG, we’ve added some fresh faces, some incredible rides, a few new color schemes, and one brand new whip that will rival almost anything on the East Coast.  With a ton of effort invested in the show, we held no punches and wanted to pull out all the stops.


Coupled with wonderful support from Carlisle’s event staff (in particular, the one and only Ken Appell), Timeless was offered Building Y for our “Million Dollar Showcase” and were able to work with a wonderful floorplan and tons of space.  With 14 top notch showcars en route, TMG’s founding members penned a layout for the display, worked with Ken on banners and flags, and even staggered the arrival of our cars over the course of a couple days to ensure everything was squared away.  But, in line with all car shows, something had to pop up…



In addition to a delayed flight for one of our members which resulted in a late arrival, three of our members encountered the remains of a deer that someone had conveniently left splattered on Route 15.  While most cars would have glided right over this little mess, lowered show cars felt the impact.  Broken diffusers, cracked from bumpers, and a shattered sideskirt all suffered due to the limited light and the fact that the remains were right at the crest of a hill.  In an instant, hearts and fiberglass was broken.  But, in typical TMG form, our members picked up their heads and continued smiling despite any hiccups.  And what would a show be without a last minute arrival?


While our team had been enjoying a few last minute modifications, one of our new display items was finishing up a COMPLETE build.  With the help of our partners and longtime friends at Los Customs, Edison Hwang’s 2011 M3 has been in the process of a complete transformation from street-car to SEMA-caliber build.  Working tirelessly over a straight four-month period, Los Customs has created what is truly a flagship display item for our team.  Complete with performance, an amazing aero kit from Vorsteiner, wheels, and the most ridiculous exhaust note, you’re sure to see this touring the show circuit and taking home countless trophies.  But, the build wasn’t complete as of the day before the show.  Working late into the night, Carlos Blanco was able to finalize all the final details and, along with Edison, drove up Saturday morning for a roll in at roughly 6am.  WHAT DEDICATION!

As the show opened their gates, our display hall opened up with 14 phenomenal vehicles.. three of which were under silk display covers courtesy BMW North America.  Patrons filled the display hall curious what was set to unveil come the strike of noon.  The loudspeakers announced a countdown with 5 minute intervals which brought hundreds of patrons into the display hall including photographers from a number of magazines.


As the clock struck noon, Co-Founder Jai Nayar took the stage and spoke briefly about each of the three builds.  After pulling the cover on Harold Atkins Alpine White customized M5 (and his 405mm Brembos), Jai lifted the veil on the color-change on Chase Donnelly’s 328Ci.  At which point, it was time for the big reveal.  In an instant, cameras flashed as Edison Hwang’s all new GTRS3 was first displayed the general public.  Straight from Los Customs and with a body kit almost exclusively displayed at SEMA, this Vorsteiner GTRS3 stunned the crowd.  With almost a foot and a half added to the width of the car, this widebody kit included the complete overhaul with the custom trunk and Vorsteiner GTRS3 wheels.  Entirely made from Carbon fiber, the kit retailed for about the pricetag of a Honda Accord and required almost 4 months of straight attention from Los Customs.  There is a new king in town!

14166815732_cf9168639c_oIt’s also worth giving a huge mention for our Platinum sponsor Meguiars.  As a result of their love, the vehicles looked FANTASTIC!


With thousands of spectators stopping in the TMG display, the show was filled with wonderful conversations, exciting introductions, vendor agreements, and new sponsor discussions.


The total roster for Carlisle included :

Wes’ E30 M3


Suwan’s IS300 (pictured above)

Aum’s SC


Chris’ E92 M3

chris m3

Steven’s Z4


Jai’s E46 M3

jai m3

Harold’s Widebody E60 M5


Rodney’s 535i


Edison’s E92 GTRS3 M3


Chase’s E46 328ci


Amper’s 350Z




As the day wound down, the nighttime excursion into Harrisburg began.  After stopping for dinner with a group of 18 people, our group head down to Harrisburg’s Susquehanna Ale House for some drinking and dancing.

13982947298_b5a521760e_bAs the music played, our team hit the dance floor…


Lead by Jai and Becker, many got into the fun.  Late into the evening, TMG lit up the dance floor!!!

Up bright and early, our group head over for the second day of Carlisle’s P&S and checked out the awards listing to find both our widebody M5 and the 2000 328Ci in the BMW category.  After picking up plaques, we eagerly awaited the Elite awards which would come later in the day.  Meeting up with our good friend Khris from KU Connection, we toured the rest of the show-field meeting tons of new people.  With the awards ceremony kicking off, our team went up into the bleachers and cheered on as Edison’s name was called… not once… not twice… but THREE times.  Best in Show : Paint.  Best in Class BMW.  And Elite Selection from the staff.

With five trophies, tons of event coverage, and a ton of new fans, our debut was complete.  TMG looks forward to future Carlisle events and to the group’s debut at other events across the country.

13982915379_f551c2c5ca_oBack : Steven’s Z4, Rodney’s 535i, Aum’s Lexus SC, Jai’s M3, Chase’s 328Ci, Harold’s M5, Chris’ M3, Suwan’s IS300, Wes’ E30 M3.

From : Edison’s M3, Amper’s 350Z

Next up on the roster is Panda Junction